Being told I had cancer was first a shock. Fear set in. I knew that sickness was not from God, but why had He allowed it to happen? I was directed to a word brought by Paul Manwaring speaking of his journey with the same cancer. This word was profoundly helpful as it assisted me through this dark period to health. Paul's most recent book "Kisses From A Good God" describes his experience from diagnosis to full recovery, highlighted with God's kisses at a time when he needed to know God's intimate love for him. The book highlighted to me that God was with me through my journey with cancer. This book melds the supernatural encounters and interventions of God with our medical world. As Bill Johnson said, "Paul [Manwaring]'s discovery of the goodness of God and His perfect love even in the midst of adversary puts this story into a context that everyone can follow".

I highly recommend this book. If you are struggling with sickness or know somebody that is, or you want to understand how God can use modern medicine in alignment with supernatural intervention, you need to read this book. Buy it, read it and give it to somebody else.

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