Core Values

1. River Church Tonbridge belongs to God.

He must therefore be placed first and experienced in everything we do as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

2. God loves us and calls us to love others.

Love must therefore permeate all our relationships and every aspect of church life.

3. Lost people matter to God.

The church must therefore be culturally relevant (while remaiing doctrinally pure) as we reach out to the community with the Good News of God's unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness in Jesus.

4. God draws us into relationship.

Spending time with God and 'soaking' in His presence is therefore essential to maintain intimacy with Him and keep in step with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

5. God delights in our worship.

Praising and worshipping God in spirit and in truth must therefore be a priority not only in our services but throughout our lives as we pursue a lifestyle of obedience to God and His ways.

6. The Bible is God's inspired word.

Anointed preaching and teaching are therefore a vital catalyst for personal transformation and growth.

7. God hears and answers prayer.

Everything we do must therefore be characterised by a dependence on prayer and intercession.

8. Prayer Ministry

Releases the life changing and miracle working power of God, especially for the sick and broken-hearted. We therefore place a high priority on receiving prayer and praying for others.

9. Fellowship 

And meeting together is essential for building relationships and stimulating spiritual growth, and is therefore a vital part of the life of the church.

10. Families matter to God.

We therefore seek to provide an environment which affirms families and strengthens marriages and young people.

11. Every believer is called to follow Jesus.

We therefore seek to encourage every member of the church (men, women and children) in their service, stewardship and the pursuit of whole-hearted devotion to Jesus and His Kingdom.

12. Every believer has a unique God-given ministry.

We therefore seek to encourage every member of the church (men, women and children) to discover and develop their spiritual gifts.

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